Schlumpf drive

Schlumpf bottom bracket gearboxes, proven as reliable thousands of times, has been developed and successfully distributed worldwide in the nineties by the ingenious Swiss inventor Florian Schlumpf. Since 2012 the new patent holder Haberstock Mobility produces the gear in Germany. The super-flat, only ten millimetre wide planetary gear blends in alongside the chain wheel in a modest manner, being easily shifted by a kick with the heel on the shift button. Wireless, without cable operation, levers or derailleurs, the gearbox shifts reliable and safely. High efficiency is granted by sun and planetary cogs meshing ideally. High quality materials ensure a high lifespan and lots of joy with the gear, even if it is heavily under load. The low-maintenance gearbox can be easily shifted while the bike stands or is under pressure. Fitting the BSA bottom bracket, it does not plot anything and furthermore grants ground clearance.

The effect is superb and the expansion unmatched. Fitting your needs, you have the choice between the four available gears to get the most out of your gearbox. Feel free to choose your desired transmission ratio based on the models presented on the following pages. Profit from our many years of experience; choose what you need from our wide-ranging accessory assortment (e.g. cranks or chain wheels). We wish you lots of fun with it and are happy to help you in case of further inquiries.

The well-engineered bottom bracket gear offers efficiency and purism itself. Schlumpf shifting systems excel in leverage- and cable free construction as well as exceptional and comfortable usage. With schlumpf you drive differently – more effective, faster, safer.


Flexibility and variability

The schlumpf bottom bracket gearboxes can be integrated in existing gear systems (chain, hub) or can be used as the gear system itself. Its high, transferrable torque (250 Nm) makes it ideal use in E-Bikes, bicycles, load bicycles, recumbent bicycles, hand bikes and many more types of bicycles.


Made in Germany